Your First Visit

To aid in your understanding of what you can expect from your first visit with us and hopefully answer any questions you may have please feel free to scroll down to see the typical 1st Visit Protocol at In-Joy Life Chiropractic and Laser Care or watch the 4 min video by the American Chiropractic Association.

Your first visit usually takes 45 min from beginning to end and we ask that you wear comfortable clothing to your appointment like athletic shorts and shirt – you will be gowned for this appointment.

Step 1

Schedule YOUR appointment and fill out our In-Joy Life Health Questionnaire or ICBC Health Questionnaire (if involved in an MVA). This will allow the Doctor to have better insight to your overall health, past health history that could be related to your current health complaint and additionally information surrounding your reason(s) for making this appointment. You can Book your time online by clicking here or contact the office directly by phone (604) 535-7373 or e-mai you

Step 2

Consult with one of our In-Joy Life Doctors. Listening to YOUR concerns and allowing you to express what you feel is the problem is an integral part of determining a proper diagnosis. During your health history intake with our In-Joy Life Chiropractor we will listen, review current complaint, past history and any other relevant components to that we help us determine if we can help. Our Initial consult is always FREE and if we can help will progress with the next steps in the Examination. Please note the patient will be gowned for the examination portion of this visit.

Step 3

Postural Assessment and Computerized Foot Scan. Posture evaluation of the the spine and feet can reveal abnormal stresses that can lead to undue bio-mechanical and health issues. By assessing the nuances of YOUR posture we may find keys to unlocking pressure on your feet, knees, hips and spine. To learn more about Computerized Foot Scan and Spinal Stabilizer Orthotics click here.

Step 4

Computerized Spinal Thermography Scan. This non-evasive scan allows us to determine the imbalances and irritation levels of spinal nerves. Each of the nerves leaving the spinal column innervates specific areas of the skin, thus dividing the body into a patterned form known as dermatomes. The nervous system uses vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of blood vessels to help regulate body temperature. Irritations cause the skin’s natural temperature symmetry to fall out of balance from the left to right side of the spine and can indicate regions of spinal nerve interference and stress.

To learn more about Computerized Spinal Thermography click here.

Step 5

Computerized Range of Motion Study.Mobility is key to everything we do in life and is essential for proper joint health and function. By assessing YOUR spinal range of motion (or other joint motion) we can ascertain regions of your spine that are restricted and injured. This will give our team a baseline that can be re-visited on a future visit in order to obtain YOUR level of over all improvement. To learn more about Computerized Range of Motion click here.

Step 6

X-rays (If warranted). X-Rays can be a very useful tool when trying to understand chronic problems and rule out significant trauma or pathology. The doctor will use their best clinic judgement to determine if X-rays will be a valuable asset to your case. Our facility is governed by the BC Centre for Disease Control and maintains a Certificate of Radiation Safety. Please inform the doctor if you are pregnant at the time of initial consult.

Step 7

Chiropractic Orthopedic and Neurological Examination.

A physical exam that involves stressing the area in question a long with palpating the region will help the Doctor pin-point and hone in on the problem area and tissues or joints involved.

Step 8

Book For Follow-up.
Receive the Doctor’s Best recommendations and a 5-6 page report on your current Spinal and Spinal Nerve health. Note sample report below.

(Please note typically an adjustment is not done on the first visit and is at the discretion of the doctor.)


“In the past, I would not have considered going to a Chiropractor because nothing really ‘hurt’. Through the initial exam it became apparent that proactive measures would have to be taken to avoid future issues. I really appreciate the wellness philosophy taken at this clinic” R. Curtis

“…The Dr. did an exam that was in depth of my general health and pin pointed all my issues/ health problems that no body knew about except me. I was amazed by the accuracy of the testing and even more surprised that something could actually be done about it. I’m half way through my treatments and can already see and feel the benefit of being followed/seen by a chiropractor. Thanks!”                        G. Dussault



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