The Many Benefits of Chiropractic Care

The benefits of chiropractic care can ultimately prevent years of unwanted suffering and/or improve your quality of life to new and improved heights. Below are the top nine most significant scientific reasons why YOUR entire family should be under regular chiropractic care.

#1: Chiropractic Adds Life and Improves Structural Wellness Regular chiropractic care promotes a sense of “health-confidence” and self-confidence. In turn, this ensures to enhance your first impression that you impose on others that you meet. Thus, whether it is your business or your personal life, your posture directly speaks for you before you even have the chance to utter a single word. With Chiropractic care patients learn to take charge of their own well-being, which in turn enhances their longevity by adding a heightened quality-of-life.

#2: Chiropractic Improves Sleep Quality – Chiropractic patients have an improved quality of life, including sleep quality, due to a significant reduction in pain and anxiety. Further, the improvement in sleep quality leads to an enhancement in your immune system, enabling you to successfully fight diseases.

#3: Chiropractic Reduces Dependency on Medications – Individuals who maintain regular chiropractic care are far less likely to overuse medication. This prevents an abundance of dangerous side effects, including the possibility of fatality. In addition, long-term use of pain medication may actually worsen the very symptoms they were intended to reduce, known as a “rebound” reaction.

#4: Chiropractic Care Encourages Increased Physical Activity – Obtain a jump start to your day by having the ability to move more with less pain. Chiropractic patients report improved function and with that, an increased ability to stick to a regular exercise program.

#5: Chiropractic Reduces Stress – With proper chiropractic care one can have their stress levels reduced significantly, allowing the body to achieve a heightened sense of wellness. Further, regular chiropractic care ensures that patients will be able to regularly engage in exercise, which is vital to reducing stress and preventing stress-related anxiety and depression.

So if you or loved are suffering from neck, low back or spinal pain then please make sure that the spine is evaluated as soon as possible as it is a likely source and could be contributing to the above symptoms..

And remember make posture a priority and not a liability!

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Headaches – A Chiropractic Approach

Headaches detrimentally affect all Canadians at least once in their lifetime. Yet, the specific reasons for the cause of the headache differs between individuals.  By definition a Headache is a pain in the head with the pain being above the eyes or the ears, behind the head (occipital), or in the back of the upper neck. Headache, like chest pain or back ache, has many causes.

All headaches are considered primary headaches or secondary headaches. According to medicinenet.com Primary headaches are not associated with other diseases. Examples of primary headaches are migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Secondary headaches are caused by other diseases. The associated disease may be minor or major.

Headaches can be triggered from a variety of different environments, food, stress, dehydration, and other reasons. In addition, headaches or pain in the head and upper cervical region may be caused directly from muscles, joints, ligaments, or nerves.

How may a Chiropractor help?

A Chiropractor will assess, diagnose and manage a treatment plan for your headaches. Chiropractic Doctors (DC) regularly treat headaches. Most prominently, scientific studies have provided evidence pinpointing that chiropractic care, including spinal adjustments, may be an effective treatment for cervicogenic and tension-type headaches. Furthermore, chiropractic care may help to decrease both the intensity and frequency of migraines. After a full, in-depth assessment has been conducted, the chiropractor may recommend manual therapies, modalities and lifestyle recommendations including rehabilitation. Each patient will be provided with an individualized plan pertaining specifically to the patient’s needs and examination findings. Various treatment options may include:

  • Patient education and reassurance
  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Modalities including Acupuncture and Laser
  • Rehabilitation and exercises
  • Ergonomic and lifestyle changes
  • Referral and co-management

So if you or loved are suffering from Headaches please make sure that the spine is evaluated as soon as possible as it is a likely source for these symptoms.

And remember make posture a priority and not a liability!

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