Common Conditions Treated And Facts

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat your spine and spine related conditions through various diagnostic and therapy techniques.

Each patient’s treatment plan and services required will be tailored to suit their unique needs. Whether you have hurt your back at work, sustained an injury in a car crash or just simply experience pain, chiropractic treatment may help you recover.

Why is my spine important?

Your spine runs down the center of your body from the base of your skull to your tailbone. It serves many important functions including:

  • Protecting your spinal cord and related essential nerves which make up the central nervous system.
  • Giving structure and connection for your hips, legs, shoulders and arms
  • Serving as an attachment to muscles that enable movement
  • Providing a framework and support for skull and ribs

Because the spine plays such a key role in the functions of the body, it is easy to see why proper spinal care is important to your overall health and wellness.

When I first came in for my initial consult I had bad pain in my heel for several months and also suffering from lower back pain. I have been diligent this past month taking my treatments and listening to my body as I continue my exercise regime. I am feeling significantly better through Dr. Burge’s care. Dr. Burge has taught me much during my treatments. – Rita Kendel

How do I know if I have a spinal condition?
What are the symptoms?

The most common symptom of an underlying spinal condition is back pain. Another give away that there is something wrong with your spine is if you are unable to participate in activities that you once enjoyed due to pain or mobility issues. Symptoms will vary depending on the extent of the injury and may take the form of:

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing these symptoms, talk to your chiropractor. They can determine if an underlying spinal condition exists.

Can children develop spinal conditions?

Yes, in fact spinal conditions can develop at all stages of life, from infant to senior.

Monitoring your spinal health should be as routine as checking your blood pressure and watching your diet. Knowing the signs and symptoms of an underlying spinal condition can help you identify an issue early before it becomes a bigger problem later in life.

What factors lead to spinal conditions?

There are three main factors which can lead to spinal conditions:

1. Physical stress:
Heavy lifting, repetitive action, poor posture, car accident, falls, dehydration.

2. Chemical stress:
Poor diet, alcohol, smoking, vitamin deficiency, medications.

3. Emotional stress:
Financial problems, marital/family issues, loss of loved ones, general depression.

I injured myself playing sports.
How can I find relief from the pain?

If you are injured playing sports or doing any activity for that matter, you will most likely not be able to continue with what you enjoy due to pain and immobility. If you are experiencing symptoms of an underlying spinal condition as a result of your injury, ask your chiropractor if treatment can play a role in your recovery.



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