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In-Joy Life Laser Care - Case Studies and Testimonials

Diabetic Swelling and Ulcers



63 year old female with knee pain, swelling and lower leg vascular issues that has been chronic over 25 years. After 8 visits subjectively felt swelling go down, improved color to leg and knee pain gone.


Knee and Shoulder Pain


“When I first read about in-Joy Life Laser Care in the newspaper I telephoned and asked questions of Dr. Burge about the pain in my knee from my surgery which happened 4 months previously. The next day I had a consult and began getting laser treatments. The laser sessions are painless and comfortable, in fact I sit and read during the sessions. The swelling in my knee dissipated in 1 1/2 weeks of laser treatment and the severe pain was gone. To me it was like a miracle. I could now walk without a cane!” A. Burr 2014

“I suffered from an extremely painful, stiff shoulder with limited range of motion. I noticed significant improvement after just 3 laser treatments. After 5 treatments, I was pain free, and the mobility in my shoulder was restored…this non-invasive treatment helped me and would suggest that they seek professional advise to determine if it would be suitable to treat their condition.” Carrie L. 2013




Patient presented to the clinic with a 2 week duration of shingles. Her family physician placed her on Gabapentin (a drug used to deal with neuropathic pain) at the onset of the rash.

On her first night post laser she was able to sleep through the night without pain. By the seventh visit a visible clearing of the rash started to dissipate. 2014



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